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The Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering of Noakhali Science and Technology University was established in May 2013. It started its journey in May 2013. Before giving information about the department, everybody has to understand the basic knowledge about this subject and why this is the most desirable subject nowadays in the whole world.
The early era of science studies was introduced through mathematical practices. In the medieval period, it was a breakthrough in the development of physics. Gradually Newton, Galileo, Einstein, Borore’s theory brought it into a modern era. However, in 1920, the discovery was somewhat diminished. Then, scientists are bent on exploring the environment, the earth, the people, the biosphere. Today, the 21st Century is undoubtedly called The Century of Biological Science. The reason behind this is the of Paul Berg’s recombinant DNA technology or genetic engineering in 1972.
Life is defined in the most modern branch of life, at the atomic level, called “The Molecular Logic of Life”. A-T-C-G. This is just a matter of four alphabets called Language of GOD. Genetic engineering essentially works in the production of transgenic (advanced properties) plants and animals. The reason for adding engineering at the end of the name is that only one branch of biology should be designed to create an animal by its own will, it can be designed to make its own choice.
The task is like designing a computer program, which fulfills your order. The most important thing is that biotechnology is integrated into most of the countries in the world. Other branches of biotechnology are microbiology, biochemistry, biostatistics, immunology, organic chemistry, enzymology, bioinformatics, plant breeding, physiology of plant and animal, environmental biotechnology, tissue culture etc. Apart from biotechnology, these topics are taught from the beginning. Because of this, a genetic engineer is a microbiologist, because his bacteria are born in Petri Dishes, he is a biochemist, because he is analyzed from the protein collected from his own organism; he is a statistician, because he has to work in the center of 3.2 billion base pairs; he is an organic-Chemist because of his own invention, he has to find out the form of molecular formula and finally a computer engineer has to design software for the huge DNA analysis. You really will become “Jack of all traits, master of SOME”. So, a biotechnologist is called “doctor’s engineer.”
What are the qualities required to read this world’s latest subject? You must be a very thoughtful thinker, patience and self-confident. There is also a need to have fundamental knowledge about biology, biotechnology, and programming. It is very important to think that you will do something that nobody has ever imagined. For example, once a scientist decides that he will create spider threads in goat milk which will be the world’s most powerful cotton thread. He was successful through genetic engineering and created bio-steel.
Now let’s come, we are talking about our department. The department of BGE of NSTU belongs to the life science faculty. Currently, it gains one of the most unique places in the list of student’s choices in life science faculty of the varsity. The BGE department is progressing very well day by day in life science. At present, there are 6 batches studying in BGE department at the graduate program. There are 11 well-qualified teachers in our department. Many students of this department participate in different training programs under NIB, BCSIR, and other research institutions and also present in the seminars at different Universities and research institutions. Some project works are done by the students of this department with the help of our respected teachers and funded by the government. In its 6 years’ journey, this department has already established close cooperation with various universities and research centers in our country. The BGE department is going to be uniquely opened on the 7th floor of the academic building 2 with three classrooms, teacher’s rooms and two lab rooms (one for specialized purposes and another for general purposes). BGE department offers a dynamic field of study and research, which will help to prepare a student to be the world’s best researcher or scientist in the future.

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